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Media Buying

We design and implement winning media strategies that will make your business fit in the market.
Poppins is committed to providing advertisers with the best service and quick response across the following areas.

TV Buying
Poppins is a top TV advertising Agency that specializes in direct response media buying. We use our strong relationship with media houses to create campaigns that will help businesses reach their targeted audiences at the right time.

Radio Buying
Poppins purchases direct response radio media from licensed radio stations; our services cut across both English and Swahili languages, we help our clients understand the opportunities available in radio media.

Out of Home
Poppins can help you reach your audience where they work, live, travel and shop. The OOH industry has become modern with more data-driven insight. That means lower production costs, lower CPMs, and more targeting for you to drive results. Let us show you the right opportunity for your business and bring positive results with OOH media.

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  • maximize ROI

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